1. 42inchtv:

    "I wanted it to be ‘The Godfather’ with apes. Just the way that movie is this grand Shakespearean story set in the gangster world, but it’s truly about family. It’s really a king and his sons. I wanted this to be a king and his sons, but I also wanted it to be about two families: a human family that was trying to repair itself after a grand tragedy, and an ape family that was really in its ascendancy. To have it be a story about whether or not they could coexist. That family aspect of it was part of the conception." — Talked to Matt Reeves about “Apes.” It’s great.

    So weird that the director also said that he wanted this to film to be like The Godfather because that’s exactly what I thought and expected someone to call me out on it. I personally didn’t feel that it was the story or the characters that reminded me of The Godfather, it’s in the depth and richness - the “Baroque-ness”? - of the film that the comparison can be made.

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  3. "

    The earth grates at my feet

    When I land alone and without destination

    Between the moon’s bewitchment

    And this monsterous plate of snow

    The void blackened by cold

    Fronts hollow against my brow

    …the musicians died with sheetlike faces

    infants came into a pale watercoloured world of mist…

    A pointed blue phosphorescence

    Integrates the wind thick and fast

    Busily floating up and sinking down

    Stitching up a blanket of snow

    …ah, a black parade of acacia…

    I have been under no illusion thus far

    I have failed to live up to myself

    This road that I have taken tonight

    Is not the proper path

    It will benefit no one

    Yet I am helpless to find another way

    …trace of the thinnest white fissure in

    a crystal sky of subdued lustre…

    The snow makes it all more desolate than an ocean

    With its incessant flickering.

    — Miyazawa Kenji, DEPARTURE TO A DIFFERENT ROAD, 1925.
  4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Last Chance For Love